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Innovation Acceleration

LO leadership has developed a new R&D strategy designed to maximize our current assets, efficiently develop new ones, and deliver breakthrough medicines for patients. Sue Mahony sat down with us to share how it all comes together.

Why is the time right for an updated strategy?

This is an exciting time to be in oncology. The pace of innovation has picked up, leading to rapid scientific advances that are pushing us to a new frontier. At the same time, the bar for success continues to rise; patients, physicians, regulators and payers are demanding more than incremental advances, and we must deliver.

Lilly can meet and even exceed this bar. We can win in oncology, and in order to do so, we must remain relentless in our pursuit of developing and delivering transformative medicines that make a meaningful difference to patients and the physicians who treat them.

Which part of the strategy are you most enthusiastic about?

The idea of foundational agents and regimens is really exciting. These medicines are rooted in tumor biology, can target a number of different cancers, and offer tremendous promise in changing how we think about the disease and how to treat it. These foundational elements offer the best chance to provide breakthrough therapies that target cancer at its very core; they can truly redefine state-of-the-art cancer care. Based on this approach, we’ve got products launching or nearly ready to launch that target some of the greatest areas of unmet need – in cancers where there really are not great options for patients today.

What this means to our own colleagues, is that regardless of your function, you will either be discovering, developing or bringing to market medicines that have the potential to change the landscape of some of the most challenging and complex cancers of our time. What this could mean for patients and their loved ones is what inspires me.

What do you see as the employee role in creating and sustaining meaningful change to make this new strategy a reality?

The only way we can deliver on the strategy and win for patients is through the commitment of every single person on our team. We know that change is both exciting and difficult, and over the next few months we’ll be working with all the teams here to successfully implement the updated strategy – from the organizational structure, to new behaviors, and capabilities. We want to be sure that everyone here clearly sees what this new strategy means and how they can be part of this exciting future for Lilly Oncology.
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Leadership Lens

LO is examining its R&D strategy to prioritize its pipeline to better deliver standard-of-care changing treatments or cures to patients living with cancer. We spoke with Levi Garraway to learn more about his approach to research and how it will impact the LO pipeline.
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The Periodic Table

  • Looking Ahead
    ASCO is around the corner and we are excited for the opportunity to share news from the LO pipeline. On Saturday, June 3 the results of MONARCH 2 will be presented in an oral abstract session to share results of abemaciclib in combination with fulvestrant in patients with HR+/HER2- advanced breast cancer who progressed on endocrine therapy
  • Making Headlines
    We made a splash among media in the industry with the release of a “curtain raiser” previewing our upcoming ASCO data presentations and highlighting the strength of the LO portfolio
  • Time for a Toast
    The Sarcoma Foundation of America awarded LO with the 2017 Vision of Hope award to recognize the historic achievement of Lartruvo as the first front-line therapy approved by the FDA in 40 years. Congratulations to the Lartruvo team and everyone who contributed to its success!